Man vs. Goals: The Blog


Five years ago, I quit my job.

I was 29.

I was still young.

Five years later, I don’t feel so young anymore.

I’m about halfway to my death.

Maybe a little less, but still halfway there.

All around me, it seems that other people have their lives together by this point.

I had my life together five years ago.

I lived in a fashionable part of New York City.

I could afford to live in New York City.

I had a job that was fulfilling as an educator.

Loved my coworkers.

Loved my students.

Loved my bosses.

Fuck, I loved my bosses. How rare is that?

And I threw it all away.


Am I a gigantic idiot?

Or a genius?

Neither, most likely, although depending on the day I might reply differently.

Whether I’ll succeed or fail is still to be determined.

But I won’t rest until I’ve traversed the entirety of this path.

The Goals

Since I quit my job, I don’t know if  I can say my life has been good or bad.

But it’s been interesting.

And all over the place.

I helped Empire State NORML organize a protest to legalize cannabis.

I moved to rural Pennsylvania and started getting my poetry and short stories published in literary magazines.

I delved into filmmaking and acting, immersing myself in the cinematic scene of DuBois, Pennsylvania, only to leave two and a half months later after quitting a third-shift job at a local Best Western.

My boss there was nice too.

But cats and roommates are up from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

And sleep is important.

So bye-bye, DuBois.

I got involved in a startup seeking to combat Nazi art theft.

The lead on that one lost her visa.

And helped program an iOS app.

The lead on that one died of cancer.

I met the love of my life

And for three years since

Have been writing screenplays

Five of them, to date

All in need of editing

A heart infusion

Clearer themes

And readable action lines.

Cowrote a book

About unicorns

With a partner

Commuting back and forth

From New York to Baltimore

Neither place home

Neither place not

We just landed a contract

With a UK-based publisher.

And operated a business

Providing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile upgrades

Career counseling, network strategizing, and more

For job seekers

It’s called

We’re really good.

But questions remain

Many questions.

Will people be touched by my screenplays?

Will they find them intriguing?

Will my contacts who promised to connect me with an agent do so?

Will I be able to sell or option a script, or just get work in LA?

And is it worth it to move to LA to write X-Men 15?

Will the unicorn book get people to reimagine what’s important in life and what isn’t?

Will our publisher be able to strike deals with other publishers in India and China?

Will people read a book that’s not on a Big 5?

How can I market my business?

Isn’t it odd that I run a business getting people jobs when I don’t want to have one of my own?

How can people’s lives change for the better after working with MyCareerHacker?

And what’s next?

What’s next if the screenplays are a success

And the book is a success

And the business is a success?

After being in a war for five years, emotionally fatigued

And on the point of exhaustion near constantly

What do I have left in the tank for an encore?

Should I just pack it up and move to Montana

If I can convince the lady?

Maybe New Mexico or Alaska?

Or should I go bigger and bolder?

What is the future?

And can my experience impact others

Or will it scare them to death?

I have no answers, only questions.

But I promise to document this journey

Whereever the hell it may lead.

I hope you’ll read on

Whether you’re scared to death


Or inspired.

And if you’re on a similar path

Let me know

Because this road is a lonely one

But it’s the road we’re on.

Crazy, yeah maybe.

Idiot, yeah maybe.

Genius, yeah maybe.

We’ll see the truth when the journey is complete.